The First Look At Emma Watson's Live Action Beauty & The Beast Will Give You Chills

The first trailer for Disney's upcoming adaptation of Beauty and the Beast doesn't give away much. We do not get to see what "live action" versions of anthropomorphic household items look like. The Beast (Dan Stevens) never makes an appearance. Nor does Gaston (Luke Evans). No one sings. But that doesn't mean the footage doesn't have us fully freaking out. As soon as we heard those twinkling notes of Alan Menken's "Prologue" we were sold.

The trailer takes viewers on a tour of The Beast's decrepit castle. Cobwebs gather, candles burn, and a family portrait gets an ominous scratch. Then the door creaks opens. Ah, yes, Belle has arrived.

Though we hear some bickering from Cogsworth (Ian McKellen) and Lumiere (Ewan McGregor, with a spotty French accent), Emma Watson's Belle is the only character we get to see, and even then she remains mostly obscured. Only her eyes remain visible as she peers at that all-important red rose. Cue the "Beauty and the Beast" melody. Cue our tears.

The movie, directed by Bill Condon, doesn't come out until March 2017. That's a frustratingly long way away, but let's put things in perspective. At least we get to endure the agonising wait as humans rather than furniture.

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