Drake Has A Beef With Saturday Night Live

Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC.

Drake and all of those Mini-Drakes have been everywhere during his lead-up week to Saturday Night Live. He hit up The Tonight Show where he slam-dunked on Jimmy Fallon during a game of Faceketball. The internet lost its collective mind on Friday when Drake shared a picture of his clean-shaven face claiming "only for you @nbcsnl." Hopes are always high when someone like Drake steps in for double hosting and musical guest duties. Did the "Hype" singer live up to the, well, hype? Here are three highlights from his night at SN:

1. Opening Monologue: Drake addressed his legendary meme status right off the bat in his monologue. In the opening, he claims that the thousands of internet jokes at his expense hurt his feelings. “If I’m being real about it, it hurts,” he says. “Seems like all I can do is sing about it.” The song, in classic Drake low-key style, takes the all of the various memes to task. “I’m more than a meme,” he croons. “You don’t love me for me. You only love me for memes.” There is even a Rihanna break in the middle, with Drake donning a wig. The bit leaves viewers with just one question: How many memes will the meme song inspire?

2. Drake’s Beef: Saturday Night Live takes a swipe at the beefs between rappers in this video short. We see Drake during his week preparing for the show. Every little slight sets him off on an angry riff. Pete Davidson is first in his sights. A beat starts. “You ain’t no Josh Gad,” he says. When Leslie Jones doesn’t say ‘hi’ in the hallway, the music starts again. “Most people I know would have said ‘hi’ back.” Aidy Bryant moves his hat to sit down. Cue the music. “I can never trust you, cause you moved my hat. If Josh Gad was here, he would’ve made me laugh.” Lorne Michaels even makes an appearance to tell Drake he’s doing a good job. That compliment just isn’t good enough: “That’s it? I’m doing great!”

3. Secret Rappers' Meeting: "Weekend Update" is often just a vehicle for topical, news-driven comedy, but sometimes a bit will stand out. Jay Pharoah proved once again that his impressions are amazing. Earlier in the season he reported on a secret comedians' meeting. This time, he showed up to report on a secret rappers' meeting. Pharoah spins through impressions of Jay-Z, 50 Cent, T.I., Lil’ Wayne, and Will Smith without missing a beat. He ends on Drake. That is the cue for the real Drake to appear. Drake complains that Pharoah’s impression sounds nothing like him. Sorry, Drake. The evidence on the screen begs to differ.

Blink And You Missed It Moment: SNL Alum Chris Rock dropped by to introduce Drake's first musical performance.

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