Look Guys, We Found Jon Snow & He’s Alive

Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock
(Spoilers ahead, because c'mon.)

“All men must die,” is a great teaser slogan but it does not appear to apply to everyone’s favorite maybe-dead guy, Jon Snow.
While we know nothing about the next season of Game of Thrones except what we’ve seen in the trailer, this screengrab, taken at 1:17 of the trailer, seems to indicate a major presence in the upcoming season.

If you follow the big arrow we’ve helpfully drawn to the rider in black, you’ll see a floppy-haired figure charging into the fray. And if you’ll just enhance, we can guess that that guy is Jon Snow.


Here he is, wearing Stark armor, in a photo leaked last year.

“What’s dead may never die,” isn’t that right Theon?

While he may be, as one commenter suggested, filming a flashback scene, we ask: Who are you fucking kidding? Jon Snow isn’t dead. He may be playing a major role in the big battle of this season, which fan blogs have been teasing for quite some time.

Winter is only six weeks away, and we can’t wait.