If Classic Disney Films Came From The Universe Of Tim Burton

Illustrated by Andrew Tarusov.
The styles of Tim Burton and Disney couldn't be more distinct — or different. Burton is known for his dark worlds featuring long, skeletal figures with sunken eyes, while Disney is about bright colours and rosy cheeks.
But one L.A.-based artist married the two worlds to create Disney classics in the style of Tim Burton masterpieces.
Illustrator Andrew Tarusov has created a 10-piece collection, called What If Tim Burton Directed Classic Disney Movies? The series features 10 of Disney's most beloved classic fairy tales, but with a Tim Burton twist.
This isn' the first time Tarusov has dabbled in the world of Disney. His website features several other series, including a Disney villains pinup collection and a Disney princesses pinup collection. Tarusov has also painted a series of aged cartoon characters. You can find Disney's Mickey Mouse in a wheelchair with an elderly Minnie by his side.
Tarusov spoke to Refinery29 about what inspired him to bring Tim Burton and Disney together, and how he creates his illustrations.