15 Lazy Work Outfit Ideas From Instagram

Dressing for work each day can be a bore and a chore. There's only so many times you can pull on the same shirt and faded jean combo. When you have approximately 18 minutes to get ready in the morning and need to shower, sort out your face and rectify any hair dramas in that short space of time, finding an inspired outfit isn't always the top priority. Bit of toothpaste on your V-neck? Meh, your colleagues won't mind/notice... right?
Investing in a few key pieces like a versatile suit, a few white T-shirts and shirts, a pair of well-cut black trousers, some smarter jeans and a couple of sweaters will revolutionise your work wardrobe. Also if you look good, you feel good, and chances are you might be taken more seriously with a slightly more polished appearance. With a small capsule of clothes that you can mix and match, dressing for work can be quick and easy and you'll look effortlessly elegant Monday through to Friday.
Take note from these stylish women who have thrown together outfits that will inspire you to upgrade your daily uniform...