Where To Eat Lobster in London, Without Breaking The Bank

Once upon a time, lobster was so abundant along the American coasts that it was considered common and, bizarrely, only fed to prisoners who saw it as part of their punishment. Soon however, the rich cottoned on to how tasty this crustacean was and it became a delicacy, served only at the poshest restaurants and fanciest parties.

But that's not the end of the story for lobster, London's chefs have taken on this delicious ingredient and are serving it up in mouthwatering new ways. Not only is this revival in shellfish dishes delicious, it's actually within our budget. We will admit these are not the cheapest meals we have ever eaten, but taken at cost per drool we think they are more than worth it.

From lobster macaroni cheese to Chinese lobster pancakes and even lobster kebabs, we've found the absolute best for London's lobster lovers. Just click through the slides ahead.