25 Alternatives To The Wedding Hat

It’s that time of year again – our feet hurt from dancing, we’re spending, on average, a weekend a month in a bed and breakfast in a town we’ve never heard of, and a resurgence of carpooling is a harsh reminder of the true value of calling shotgun.

It’s wedding season.

The thing is, life’s practically wedding-less until your mid twenties, then WHAM – before you know it, you’re on first name terms with the lady that manages gift registers at John Lewis (hi Ange). Does anyone else have questions? How much should we spend on presents, does the bride actually care if we wear black and – most confusing of all – what the bloody hell do we wear on our head?

Tradition calls for something oversized with mesh and feathers (are they feathers?) poking out the top. But aren’t wedding hats a little, well, naff? Fascinators are too, right? A bit dated and tacky with a silly elastic band that guarantees the presence of a double chin in the wedding pics.

Don't panic guys – we've searched high and low and found 25 cool girl alternatives to the wedding hat.