I Spent A Week Trying Popular Kitchen Hacks & Here's What Happened

Photographed by Danny Kim.
We're always looking for ways to hack our lives. But out of all the "Try THESE Tips & Tricks!" articles out there, how many of them have you actually tried? And how much time have they actually saved you? Until recently, I really hadn't tried any of the dozens of kitchen hacks out there. And I truly didn't know how much time I could be currently wasting away in my kitchen (doing things the non-hacky way).
These culinary shortcuts were promising me that my troublesome cooking feats could be turned into painless jaunts in the park, with just a few quirky tricks. So why wasn't I using them? If for one week I used a cooking hack in every single meal I made, perhaps I could gain hours of my life back! And so, that's just what I did; For five days I used one cooking hack in each meal that I made. But as I began this journey, and started to consider the majority of these tips, I began to realise just how bizarre they sounded and felt (especially when I was spearing my strawberries with a straw).
Did I make it through my week of hacks: from avocado peeling with glasses, to leftover nut butter jar recipes, troublesome tomato chopping, and more? Was I able to gain back my previous hours that had been lost on culinary toil? Or was this all just a huge and super strange pain in the ass? Read on to find out which tips were actually worth it, and which ended up in some sort of kitchen explosion.