12 Shirts To Spruce Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Though we're constantly excited by the ever-evolving face of fashion and experimenting with seasonal trends, we're also of the firm belief that nothing looks as classic and effortlessly chic as a well-made shirt. As the starting point for any carefully-crafted wardrobe, a shirt can be dressed up with a power suit or down with jeans and trainers. Timeless and universally flattering, shirts are the easiest way to look presentable for pretty much any situation, whether it's meeting your partner's parents, a job interview or a dinner date.

From Katharine Hepburn in an oversized shirt with a popped collar, to Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits, Diane Keaton with a waistcoat and tie, Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction or Beyoncé in a white blouse, boots and jeans, there are infinite ways to wear a shirt, as our favourite female fashion icons have proven over the years. Collarless and crisp, oversized and tomboy, or fitted and printed, we've tracked down the best shirts to update your wardrobe this spring.