17 Amazing Tricks Only Netflix Pros Know

Photo: Courtesy Netflix.
Spend a good portion of your free time cuddled up in front of Netflix? Hey, us too! You'd think all those minutes in front of the screen would translate into becoming a Netflix expert. But it turns out, there are some amazing secrets you might not know — even if you're 'flix-obsessed.

Since you’ve already devoted plenty of hours to culling your watch list and staying up until midnight taking in a new season of Orange Is the New Black, the next step in becoming a Netflix power user is committing to memory a few keys that will make your streaming experience better than ever. These will help ensure you always get the best quality video feed, and receive suggestions for movies and shows you'd actually want to watch.

Feel like you can never find movies to fulfill your “steamy thrillers” guilty pleasure? Wondering how to break free from the instant next-episode play that keeps you fixed to the couch? Read on to learn how to make the most of your many hours spent on Netflix.

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