10 Things People Who Smell Good Always Do

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
You know those people who, no matter what they do, just smell impeccable? They could be coming out of a BoomCycle class, yet smell like they just took a bath in a tub full of roses. Well, it's not just luck of the draw: There's a formula to this good (-smelling) fortune.
While regular showers do play a part, those with aromas that cause double-takes (the good kind) don't go about life like the rest of us. They know where to spritz and how to make their scents last longer, they take their time picking out fragrances, and they think about what they put in their bodies, not just on them.
Ahead, fragrance-industry insiders come clean about the secrets to smelling your best — now, you'll be the one turning heads with your scent trail.
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