Team Refinery29 Try Out Natural Hangover Remedies

Illustration: Anna Sudit
December tends to be an indulgent month. Already I have had 17 mince pies, more chocolate than Augustus Gloop and enough prosecco to provide for a medium-to-large wedding.
What we always forget, though, is that just because we're in the holiday mood, we've got three weeks this month where we still need to do everyday stuff. Stuff like run errands, do life admin and, for most of us, go to work. And if there's one thing every working woman knows, it is that 'working' and 'hangover' do not go well together.
This year, as we get more and more into things like 'natural treatments' and supplements, there's been a sharp rise in so-called 'hangover remedies'. Purporting to do everything from dial your hangover down a notch to give your liver a helping hand, these remedies range from effervescent rehydration tablets, to vitamin shots, to blasts of pure oxygen.
So in the name of (very unreliable) science*, we decided to put some of these remedies to the test. Last weekend, Team R29, armed with their various remedies, took themselves out to imbibe some alcoholic drinks, get themselves a hangover and see if they were able to combat it.
Click through to find out which ones were the most effective.
*Sorry guys, we don't have medical degrees. These reviews are purely our own personal opinions. While we're here, may we remind you to drink responsibly like the champions you are.