Keep It Casual, A Style Guide

We've been following 21-year-old fashion student Erika Bowes on Instagram for the last year and applauding her clean, no-fuss approach to style. A brand new face on the London fashion circuit, Erika works as a freelance stylist and photographer and is finishing her degree at Northumbria University, to the tune of 103, 000 Instagram followers. And it's not hard to see why; with her neat candy coloured bob, ace face and perfectly casual fashion sense, she's very, very – there's no other word for it – cool. Here, we take some lessons in next generation dressing. NB, it's gender-free.

From Erika:

I started getting interested in fashion when I was around 13 and started blogging when I was 14. At first, my blog was dedicated to vintage and charity shop finds, but as I got older I started to appreciate minimal, street, androgynous style. I’m a very active person, always going from place to place – uni to work to nights out – so I like being comfortable; trainers are a must as aching feet are not part of my schedule. I hope people can relate to the way I dress as I don't think it's boyish or girly. I actually get a lot of boys asking me for style advice, which I find flattering. But yeah, I guess my style is quite neutral; I love pink and I love over-sized hoodies. This is my guide to casual...