London's Best Date Night Spots

"I was told we were going for a romantic dinner; instead we ended up at Pizza Hut."
"The bar was so full of loud City boys I couldn't hear anything, and then had to pay £40 for two drinks!"
"There was a three-hour poetry reading...with no interval."
Tales of dating misadventures are, unfortunately, all-too-common in our nation's capital. London is ranked the sixth best city in the world for dating but deciding where to go can be tricky. Nowadays, a date might involve spending all night at a Columbian rave or splitting a vegan breakfast buffet. (Yes, those are dates we have actually been on. No, we don't want to talk about it.) So how are you supposed to choose?
Whether you've just swiped right or are celebrating your two-year anniversary, all anyone really wants is a date night spot where you can relax, enjoy each other's company and bond over shared interests.
Well, Londoners, we've got your back. Click through to see our favourite date night spots.