Ryanair Are Going To Start Doing Cheap Flights To New York

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Think your holiday budget limits you to cheap flights to European airports you've never heard of? Think again. King of the cheap flight deals, Ryanair, is partnering with Norwegian Air to offer long-haul flights to New York starting from as soon as this summer. The flights will reportedly depart from a range of UK airports and go to Boston, New Jersey, and New York.
According to the Mail, routes are yet to be finalised but it is likely that, in accordance with Norwegian Air's current and soon-to-be-implemented routes, the airport destinations in the US will be Stewart International and T.F. Green Airport.
Critics have pointed out that Stewart Airport is around 60 miles from Manhattan and T.F. Green is 63 miles from Boston but, tbh, any traveller who has flown into one of the supposed "London" airports - Gatwick, Luton or Stansted - will be used to a journey into central London that takes almost as long as their flight.
A spokesperson for Ryanair said: "Given we have the largest route network in Europe, it's a logical move and a very attractive proposition for long haul carriers."
Current round trip flights to New York from London on British Airways start from around £668.
Here's a few more super cheap long haul flight options to take a look at...


Norwegian Air are offering one way trips to Miami (alright Fort Lauderdale, 31 miles north, sue us) from £159 in August. See you on P Diddy's yacht. Find out more here.

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San Francisco

WOW Air from Iceland are really upping the game with their one way flights to San Fran from just £149. Sure, you've got to stop in Iceland on the way, but dropping in to say hi to the first country to enforce equal pay for women is A-OK by us. Just don't order pineapple on your pizza while you're there.

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Los Angeles

Norwegian Air (those guys have really got this corner of the market sewn up) are offering trips to Hollywood from Gatwick from £169 in May. Check out these un-flipping-believably Instagrammable places while you're there.


Go and visit the land of Justin Trudeau with WOW Air for just £159 this November. Sure it might be a tad chilly but what's a couple of inches of snow when you can get your hands on Montreal's famous pizza-ghetti? (Yes that is pizza with spaghetti on).

Puerto Rico

If cold weather isn't your thing, head to Puerto Rico for an outrageously beach-based holiday with Norwegian Air for just £139 one way from Gatwick.