Can This Chocolate Bar Really Help Ease Period Pain?

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty.
It's often said that chocolate can help ease period pain, mainly because eating it releases endorphins, or happy hormones, which naturally block the pain signals sent by our nervous system.

Now one Swiss chocolatier claims to have a created a chocolate bar whose recipe has been specifically designed to target menstrual camps. Named Frauenmond – which translates as "women’s moon" - the bar apparently contains a blend of 17 Swiss mountain herbs with pain-relieving properties.

The handmade bar is being produced by Lucerne-based firm Chocolate With Love, The Local Switzerland reports. With a retail price of 12.50 Swiss Francs - or £10.30 - for each 100g bar, it doesn't come cheap.

Marc Widmer of Chocolate With Love has pointed out that the bar should not be considered a medicine. He told 20 Minuten that its special recipe is based on a Swiss herbal tea which claims to have similar pain-relieving effects.

If you don't fancy trying "women's moon", the NHS recommends taking ibuprofen or aspirin for period pain, though both should be avoided if if you suffer from asthma or stomach, kidney or liver problems. Aspirin shouldn't be taken by girls under the age of 16.

Gentle exercise, a warm bath or shower, and a light massage around the lower stomach may also help ease period pain, the NHS says.