8 Pros Share Their Best Budget Beauty Buys

There's something very satisfying and mood-lifting about having luxury products on your dresser and in your bathroom cabinet. It's always a pleasure to begin your day twisting off an ornate gold cap from an elegant bottle, or opening the exquisite packaging of a shiny makeup palette.

But that said, there's something even more rewarding in discovering a high street product that works just as effectively (if not better) than your favourite luxury item, and only costs a fiver. Yes, the cheap tub might not be as visually pleasing but what a steal.

You may prefer to keep your holy grail bargain beauty buys to yourself and pretend that your glow is thanks to a £100 miracle cream, infused with flecks of diamond rather than admit it's actually due to a little tube from Maybelline. We've asked some of our favourite beauty experts to reveal their secret favourite high street products. No need to thank us.