12 Of The Best Bobs on Instagram

Cutting off all your hair is a terrifying and liberating experience. I can testify; once upon a time I had over-the-bum hair and once upon a time I let a hairdresser cut off 20 inches so that it just about tickled my chin. I felt ill. I felt good. Everyone should give it a go.

The bob has never been more chic and coveted, thanks to its current situ: on the heads of all the most stylish girls on Instagram. From messy beach bobs, to sleek lobs (a long bob fyi), anime cuts with sharp finishes and pastel-coloured crops, there's a never-ending scroll of short-hair icons on the 'gram. The weather is getting warmer and your hair could probably do with a trim, but before you book your appointment, here's some girls whose bobs are well worth a gander and a screenshot. Good luck, and may the bob be with you. It grows back anyway, right?