Phoebe Buffay's Guide To Life

Behold, the original description of Phoebe Buffay from the Friends pilot script. “Sweet. Flaky. New Age waif. Monica’s former roommate. Sells barrettes on the street and plays guitar in the subway. A good soul.” A few details changed along the way, but over the course of 10 seasons, Lisa Kudrow’s eccentric, free-spirited character was the perennial ray of sunshine among the Central Perk six.

Phoebe was definitely the group’s outlier. While the rest of the friends grew up in more traditional, two-parent homes, Phoebe had to fend for herself after her mother committed suicide. She wasn’t that close with her twin sister, Ursula. She was street smart and taught the rest of the gang a thing or two about their cushy existences.

Eccentric as they were, Phoebe’s oddball theories and out-there beliefs actually made a lot of sense. Here’s how to apply the Tao of Phoebe Buffay to your every day.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.
Honesty is the best policy.
Pick-up lines don't have to be smarmy.
Know your strengths (and use them to your advantage).
A.k.a. karma's a bitch.
Always remember: You can't take it with you.
Know your weaknesses.
First impressions aren't always correct.
Run like nobody's watching.
Choose your own identity.
Don't stop believing (hold onto that feeling).
Confidence is sexy.
Focus on finding your true lobster, not your true love.
Think of the children.
Always have an alias ready.