28 Instagram-Worthy Beauty Looks To Try This February

December 14th, 2016 was a good day for Instagram users. Why? Because that was the day the app added a "Saved" section to every profile, instantly giving all of us the ability to secretly catalogue any post.

For beauty lovers, this was big. Gone were the days of screenshotting a notable makeup look or palette to buy, only to lose it in the mess of photos in our camera roll. Now, if we spy something we love, we can simply click "save" and add it to our private vault of inspiration images.

That being said, there's no denying the fact that inspiration can be hard to find when you're inundated with hundreds — nay, thousands — of images daily. That's why we decided to share the photos we've archived in the past month. Hopefully, it'll get your creative juices flowing for the next. Ahead, check out 28 looks to try this February.

Makeup artist Anna-Karin Hellborg combined two of our favourite trends: floating crease and dotted liner. The best part? It couldn't be easier to do. Just grab your favourite black liquid liner and dot away.
We live for a good matchy-matchy moment — and the easiest way to try the trend when it's cold is by coordinating your lipstick and coat.
When in doubt, add gloss. Bonus points if you layer it over a generous helping of matte yellow shadow.
Not feeling yellow shadow? That doesn't mean you can't play with shiny textures. Make like model Salem Mitchell and pat your favourite gloss onto your eyes and lips (she used Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb).
There are plenty of ways to play with glitter on the face and this cut crease is one of our favourites — especially when paired with an otherwise bare eye.
Cat-eyes are pretty, but combine 'em with a layer of navy blue underliner and your look is suddenly in edgy territory.
We're digging this purple eye and red lip combo on makeup artist Pricilla Ono.
Ditch your neutrals in favour of maroon for a fresh dash of colour that still feels more natural than shades like red, green, or pink.
YouTuber Julia Dang created a thinner, crisper cat-eye by beginning her wing on the outer-third corner of her lid rather than extending the line across her entire lashline.
Kate Bosworth is all kinds of peachy with the hue on her lids, cheeks, and lips.
Over the past few months, thumbprint liner (liner that extends past the outer corner of the eye but forms a rounded shape rather than a wing) has popped up all over the red carpet. This iteration, by makeup artist Celine Bernaerts, may be our favourite, though, thanks to her pairing of blue and pink shadows.
We don't know what we love more: this graphic eye or the throwback hair accessories.
Contrasting textures is an easy way to keep your look modern. Case in point: This look by makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes that features super-glossy eyes and matte lips.
Make like Hailee Steinfeld and swap out your go-to black and grey shadows for smoky blue. The result? A bold, smouldering eye that's particularly flattering on hazel eyes.
Pat McGrath may have launched her iconic Gold Lust kit two years ago, but the shade isn't going away any time soon. Just see Bella Hadid's graphic, glittery eye for proof.
Like the monochrome makeup and fashion trend but aren't quite ready to match your lips, eyes, dress, and heels? Follow actress Dove Cameron's lead and match your eyeshadow to an accessory, like a ribbon.
This look by makeup artist Marika D'Auteuil is giving us major cotton-candy-meets-Wonderland vibes.
A bold red lip is always a good idea, especially if it's paired with a soft smoky eye. Just make sure to reach for a black pencil that leaves time to blend before it sets (we love this one).
Monochromatic makeup doesn't need to be bold. This look by makeup artist Fiona Stiles proves that soft washes of matching colour can pull a look together, too.
The easiest way to work more colour into your daily makeup look is to swap out your neutral palette for a swipe of pink underliner.
New Year's may be long gone but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in a little glitter. Bonus points if you Kira Kira yourself like January Jones did.
We're loving makeup artist Violette's take on a deep red lip — especially when paired with fresh skin and bare lids.
If we wear orange lipstick, can we trick our bodies into believing it's not 20 degrees outside?
A spattering of carefully-placed faux freckles spice up an otherwise neutral makeup look. Well, except for those epic lashes...
Face stamps are hands-down the easiest way to add a fun surprise to any look. In this case, YouTuber Alissa Ashley used Milk Makeup's tool to dot a teeny star on her lids that pops in and out of focus when she blinks.
Can't decide between a cut crease and a cat-eye? Do both by extending the tail of your wing into the crease of your eye.
Model Duckie Thot demonstrates the inner-corner highlighting trend with warm bronze shadow.
Sophia Bush shows that you don't need black shadow or wine-stained lips to pull off a dark, sexy night look.
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