The Coolest Haircuts From Around The World

It's no secret that we love a new hair trend, be it sustainable hair salons, a colour refresh, scalp facials or an updated cut. While it's great to have our fingers on the pulse of what's trending in salons, we have to recognise that on a global scale, hair trends don't shift nearly as fast.

In fact, in many major international cities, what's popular tends to be more classic — and less of a flash in the pan. These international looks tend stick around for longer, meaning they're a great source of inspiration if you want your cut to last for months.

Read on to see the coolest hairstyles that have made a name for themselves in 13 international cities. All cuts featured are cool, achievable, and more than just a good Insta-story — these are long-standing classics.

Paris, France

The Cut: Feathery Fringe

Call it what you want — curtain fringe, the Brigitte Bardot fringe, '70s feathering — but this trend is popular all over the world, and especially in Paris. It's classic and chic, not unlike the city itself, with an achievable infusion of bedhead.

"It works so well because it's multi-functional, low maintenance, and enables you to wear it your own way," hairstylist Sam Burnett, owner and creative director of Hare & Bone, told us. "You can move it forward to frame your face or tuck it back to open up your features. It essentially offers a 2-in-1 cut without the maintenance of a full fringe.”

Jeanne Damas, shown here, has the quintessential French girl cut. That is, soft layering that allows your natural texture to air-dry perfectly and, of course, an effortlessly-windswept, long fringe.
Parisian stylist and blogger Virgine Darbon shows how to pull off a light fringe with face-framing curls.
Curly hair expert Shai Amiel tells us that feathery fringe is a great choice for thick, curly hair. "Ask for a traditional do with long layers and longer length over the ears," he recommends. "The fringe should be cut shorter in the centre and gradually get longer towards the sides."
Model Moon Kyu Lee shows how to keep a curtain fringe with straight hair. Tip: Her zig-zag part gives the sci-fi bob an edgy twist.
Melbourne, Australia

The Cut: Razor-Sharp, Blunt Ends

Let it be known that Australia has a high-end hair scene. We love Insta-stalking Melbourne's Salon XVI to source haircut inspiration. The Aussie salon does blond, balayage, and crazy colour transformations — but when it come to cuts, it's all about a shiny finish and sharp ends.
A '70s-inspired, thick blunt fringe is made even edgier with ends that are razor sharp.
Long hair gets added movement with a few soft curls. However, keeping the ends straight is key.
Thick hair? Ask for a "parallel undercut" — which can make dense hair types feel light-as-air.
Add in some sun-kissed highlights for a texture that doesn't look weighed down.

Pro tip: The shiny, soft waves are made with the Aussie "vertical pull-down" flat iron trick, which involves clamping and pulling the straightener for sleek bends that show off your blunt ends.
Kingston, Jamaica

The Cut: Layered locs

At the Jus Natural Hair Studio, locs ranging in lengths, colours, and sizes are masterfully styled into what can only be described as works of art. From updos to side twists, there's no denying that locs are beyond versatile, giving those who wear them unlimited options to express their creativity.

A popular way to protect natural hair is with faux locs, like the ones seen here. Although there are many methods to attaching them, stylists often choose to crochet pre-made locs onto cornrow braids as seen here. Subtle layering gives this client's locs movement and accentuates her features.
These honey-blonde locs are absolutely stunning.
Here, each loc was first palm rolled and then two-strand twisted to create this unique look.
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Cut: The Wavy Or Curly Bob

Famous for birthing the Scandi wave, hairstylist Nicci Welsh knows about the haircuts trending in Denmark, "There is a big trend right now for curls and embracing your natural texture," she says. Welsh tells us that more designers are embracing individualism, choosing models with a wide array of textures, which is inspiring the cuts.

So why are people taking their curls shorter now? "In spring we saw more big, curly styles," Welsh explains. "This has led to the curly bob being the sought after cut of the moment."
This look, from Copenhagen's chic Gun-Britt Coiffure Hair Salon, brings loose and undone curls out to play.
The concept of Hygge also hails from Denmark — which explains why warm hair hues like this one are so popular.
London, UK

The Cut: The Chin-Length Bob

The most in-demand hairstylist for curly and textured hair in London is Charlotte Mensah, owner of The Hair Lounge. Like all the top salons in the city, it has been turning out countless chin-length styles like this.
@Charlotte Mensah
Like Mensah shows us, the popular chin-length style works for all textures.
With a cut this perfect, there's no need to blow it dry.
A blunt bang really makes this classic bob stand out from the crowd.
Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Cut: Mid-Lengths With Gradual Layers

While Laces and Hair, São Paulo's most famous salon, is known for The Gisele cut (think: long, layered and full of bounce), recently the styles have been getting shorter. Of course, we're not talking bob territory, or really anywhere near the chin-length. Instead, mid-length cuts that make creating or defining curls and bouncy texture easy is the "it" cut.
These shoulder-grazing cuts look great with curls. The trick is to keep the layers long and gradual so that the cut has body and texture, without being too choppy.
See, there's still some Gisele-ish inspiration here (the blond is straight off the beach) — it's more about bringing the ends up to frame the face.
Lagos, Nigeria

The Cut: Long & Layered

There are a few variations here, depending on your hair part and texture, but the trend in Nigeria's largest city is clear: long and golden.
Warm caramel highlights and waves are trending in Lagos in a major way.
Bombshell waves need not come from a barrel iron. This long, layered look is stunning with its sharp centre part and shiny finish.
Make Me Salon also specialises in beautiful braided looks — long and golden continues to be the reigning trend.
Beads only add to the gorgeous, gold-dipped effect.
Tokyo, Japan

The Cut: The Piece-y Lob

To find out what the cool kids in Tokyo are doing with their hair, we check in with the fashion-forward Pells Salon. It's all about the lob cut right now — a length that's somewhere between the chin and the shoulder, made edgy with piece-y texture.
With slightly-tousled waves and a light and feathery fringe, this cut is all kinds of cool.
You can add a blunt fringe and flipped-up ends for major movement.
Oslo, Norway

The Cut: The Face-Framing Bob

Gevir, one of Oslo's coolest salons, has its finger on the pulse of the Scandinavian hair scene (Welsh gave us the intel). The most popular hairstyle is all about playing with your face shape and hair texture to create a short, bob-length look that suits you and your lifestyle. Somewhere between a bob and a lob, the trend's versatile enough to work on all the different hair textures.
There's something angelic — and so flattering — about the way these curls fall around the face.
Platinum blond colour — with a high, half-pony — makes this look messy and effortlessly cool.
A good face-framing cut will fall around the nape of the neck for 360 degrees of chic.
You can also go a little asymmetrical with this cut — a little longer in the front and shorter in the back looks especially flattering. Tip: Ask for an A-line that's just one inch longer in the front.
Mexico City, Mexico

The Cut: A Baby Fringe

Love bangs? You've stopped at the right slide, because it's all about the fringe in Mexico City. But unlike France, in the capitol of Mexico, it's short, blunt, and dramatic shapes that are commanding the attention. Enter: a baby fringe. While curtain fringe will always be cool, it's this sharp and sophisticated look that is taking Ciudad de México. (As if we needed another reason to add this city to our travel bucket list.)

When it comes to trying the trend at home, ask for blunt, thick fringe that's cut straight across. (You can angle them slightly shorter in the center, if you prefer, which will give a softer look.)
Here's a similar cut, but thanks to the slightly-longer length and shorter bangs, the effect is more dramatic.
Further proof that a baby fringe look great against all different lengths. The only caveat? They're cut extra short to be styled straight, so prepare for daily styling if you have wavy or curly strands.
Use a curling iron to give the pieces around your face a little bit of movement, which provides a nice contrast to the sharp ends.
Nairobi, Kenya

The Cut: The Finger-Coiled Pixie

Tapered pixie cuts are a routine request at UrbanHair Studio, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Clients typically choose to dye the tips or add a subtle detail to make the style all their own.
Lifting the hair to an icy white shade proves to be no problem for these hair experts. And the results are stunning.
Here, longer stands appear to have been finger coiled for more definition. And look at how her tapered sides expertly define those cheekbones (swoon).
Toronto, Canada

The Cut: Anything Asymmetrical

Lola, one of Toronto's most acclaimed hair destinations, is know for its pastel colours and high-shine finishes, but they're also setting haircut trends. So what's on the rise? Lengths that are a little off-centre, whether A-line (longer in the front) or longer on one side, it's all about a unique, interesting finish to make classic shapes more interesting.

Tip: Novices should ask for a length difference of about one inch, which will give the effect of purposeful asymmetry, without being too over the top. Once you nail that, the world is your (uneven) oyster.
It looks like a classic, chin-grazing bob from the front, but when you turn it to the side, it's so damn edgy.
You can keep your length anywhere while experimenting with a little asymmetry. This one's very subtle, but the front pieces framing the face are a teensy bit longer, adding some dimension.
Here we have a short and curly look we can't stop staring at.
Behold: A straight-across diagonal 'do also makes a big statement.
California, U.S.A.

The Cut: Bob-Plus-Fringe (aka Sci-Fi bob)

Know it, love it, live it — because everyone and their mother is wearing it. It's the bob and fringe combo. It has defined ends, an angular shape, and can be easily personalised with some curtain fringe, if you like.

Sourcing inspiration form the West Coast, L.A. is spearheading the trend. It's badass, punk-rock, and some say a nod at feminism. "For years, there was a Victoria's Secret hair thing, but in some ways that is shifting," says Jon Reyman, editorial hairstylist and co-owner of Spoke & Weal salon."Women are having really strong, empowered conversations. I think it's about self-expression. I think there's a punk side to all of this, like a 'fuck you, damn the man' kind of thing, which I like." And so do we.
Red and black colour makes the sharp dramatic cut even more eye-catching.
Spotted: A baby fringe that make this look even cooler.
The best part? It's great for every texture, from straight to wavy to curly. You can bring up the length and play with the natural wavy texture with ease.

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