You Can Buy Your Own Version Of Those Viral Minnie Heels

If you'll recall, just a few months ago we alerted the masses to the chicest Disney-fanatic necessity to date. As expected, the line-up of too-cute-to-be-true Minnie Mouse heels from Italian brand Oscar Tiye elicited a mass response of "need these, ASAP!" from anyone with a nostalgic soul. Unfortunately, for all of the love the shoes deserve, their £500 price point made them unattainable to most.
Primark has just made some look-a-likes to tide you over. Cosmopolitan UK recently caught wind at Primark's holiday collection and lo-and-behold, they include two sets of sparkly Minnie Mouse eared stilettos for only £14.
Photo: Primark via Cosomopolitan UK.
Primark is well known to stock some affordable Disney goodies. From socks and jumpers to makeup bags and home goods, a cursory stroll through one of its warehouse sized shops will result in finding all of the Mickey-adorned, park-going merch you could ever need. So rolling out a few pairs of glittery mouse heels fits right in with the brand.
Granted, there are a few minor differences Primark's heels that distinguish them from being an exact replica of the beloved Oscar Tiye originals. In the cheaper version, the "ears" take on more of a bow shape than an ear shape. And TBD on whether the shoe is a heel or a heeled sandal (trust us, it matters). But pickiness aside, the general idea shines through and for a Disneyphile that's really all that matters.
While unfortunately there's no exact release date yet, Cosmopolitan UK notes they should be arriving in time for the Christmas party season.