Wait, Did Ivanka Trump Post A Photo Of Fake Fan Mail?

In theory, Ivanka Trump's latest tweet should have been controversy-free. Last night, the businesswoman and presidential adviser shared a picture of herself reading what appears to be fan mail from appreciative children. The messages are written in a rainbow of different colours and feature love hearts aplenty.
Pretty heartwarming, right? "Overjoyed by these beautiful letters. Reading them is one of the highlights of my week," the president's daughter wrote as a caption.
Sadly for the first daughter, the reaction on Twitter hasn't been quite so touching. One user pointed out that there's a marked similarity in the handwriting used in letters that were supposedly written by different Ivanka fans.
Other people on Twitter joked that the letters might have been written by Ivanka's number one fan: her notoriously doting father, Donald J. Trump.
However, others pointed out that one of the "children's drawings" in the fan mail was actually pretty close to the bone.
Are these letters the real deal, or simply more "fake news"? At the time of writing, Ivanka has yet to reply to anyone who's tweeted her saying they look like fakes. And to be honest, we're not holding our breath for a comment from the first daughter any time soon.