10 Bronzers To Add A Little Life To Your Skin

Here in the UK, we’re not blessed with year-round sunshine, meaning that "glowing" isn’t often the word we’d use to describe our skin. Everything can look a little dull when emerging the other side of a long winter but, now that the weather’s improving, we’re ready to begin our summer beauty ritual and dabble in a little skin TLC.
Whether you’re looking to top up your post-holiday tan or you're unlikely to be basking in warmer climes anytime soon, bronzer is your best bet for creating a more radiant look. Dark skin suits warmth-adding orange and red tones, and liquid bronzers for an all-over glow. For the paler among us, marbled shades and pro-blending is the key, while olive skin can tap into golds to bring the tan.
From on-the-go gliding balms and time-developing serums to classic compact powders, here are the best bronzers we’ll be wearing this summer.
This article was first published on 24 May 2017