The Inside Amy Schumer Sketches That Know Your Life

Dave Allocca/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock
Before Amy Schumer became a veritable celebrity, she was just another up-and-coming comedian with a show on Comedy Central. Even back then, watching Inside Amy Schumer, I knew I was witnessing something special. Like Louis and Master of None, Inside Amy Schumer was born straight from a comedian's unique perspective. But unlike those shows, Schumer's is by women, for women.
While Schumer rose to fame through stand-up and her hit rom-com Trainwreck, her sketches on Inside Amy Schumer were some of her best work. With razor-sharp satire, Schumer gets to the specific delusions, double-standards, and behaviours that millennial women in urban areas adopt. This humour is feminist, sure, but it also makes fun of its subjects — and that’s what makes it so awesome.
Whether you like the divisive comedian's humour or not, you’ll probably be able to connect with these hilarious Inside Amy Schumer sketches. Enjoy.