The New Way To Get Your Caffeine Fix In The Morning

Photo: Courtesy of Einstein Bros. Bagels.
If you drink coffee all day long, and sometimes well into the night, maybe it's time to think about a life change. Oh no, don't worry, we're not suggesting you should try giving up the good stuff. We're saying, why not double down by eating all the coffee-infused foods you can get your hands on as well? It actually wouldn't be much of a challenge. These days, there are a lot of coffee flavoured foods that come with their own kicks of caffeine. Obviously, there's coffee ice cream, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and recently we even learned of Trader Joe's Coffee Syrup in the US. The newest edition to the growing coffee food lineup comes from US bagel and coffee chain Einstein Bros.
The chain just introduced three bagels, and the star of the new Boost Bagels lineup is the Espresso Buzz Bagel. The menu item doesn't just bear the espresso name, it actually contains 32 milligrams of caffeine. For comparison, the United States Department of Agriculture reports that a regular 8 fluid ounce cup of coffee has about 95 milligrams of caffeine, so the bagel might not be a complete replacement for your morning java — maybe if you drench it in coffee syrup?
Einstein Bros. will also soon be selling an Espresso Buzz Bagel & Bacon Sandwich made with thick-cut, brown sugar bacon, cage-free eggs, cheddar cheese, and butter. Yep, it's literally an entire breakfast — drink and all — in one compact sandwich. The jury is still out on how that's going to taste mixed together.
The other two bagels in the new Boost Bagels lineup have less wild ingredients: the Cherry Chia the Savoury Parm bagel. But, as we mentioned before, the headliner and jaw-dropper is the caffeinated bagel.
Photo: Courtesy of Einstein Bros.
Photo: Courtesy of Einstein Bros.