Your Perfect Date, According To Your Sign

Photographed by Ashley Takara Batz.
Don't get us wrong — we love going to dinner and a movie. But we're always on the lookout for new ways to date, too. And avid horoscope readers that we are, we figured the stars were a great place to look for a little inspiration.
We've determined the best kind of date for every astrological sign, based on each one's likes and dislikes. Like we always say, it's totally fine if you don't identify with every single aspect of your sign. If you find that your sign's dating style isn't for you, you should give another sign's date a whirl. The cosmos definitely encourage variety, and you'll perfect your dating game.
Without further ado, discover your sign's dream date, whether it's your first or 50th.
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Your perfect date: hitting up an arcade

Why it's written in the stars: You love playing games, Aries. And despite what your haters think, you aren't always a sore loser. A bit of lighthearted competition will set a playful tone for the date. And anyone who's dating you is more than game to keep up.
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Photographed by Ashley Takara Batz

Your perfect date: wining and dining

Why it's written in the stars: You crave a bit of luxury in your life — and gourmet meals are definitely in your wheelhouse. Any place with a month-long wait and a shining writeup in The Observer ought to do. And as much you love being pampered, you always split the bill.
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Your perfect date: sightseeing in your own city

Why it's written in the stars: You're always on the lookout for the next adventure, Gem, so why confine your date to a single location? Spend a day window-shopping or book a ghost tour of the historic district in your town — anything that keeps you moving.
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Your perfect date: Netflix-and-chilling

Why it's written in the stars: Why go out when you have everything you need at home? Nothing spells romance to a Crab like instant streaming, delivery, and their own sofa. If things get steamy before the credits roll, all the better.
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Your perfect date: cooking for bae

Why it's written in the stars: When you like someone, Leo, you go all in — and that means showing off a little for them when you can. What better way to charm your date than to work your magic in the kitchen?
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Your perfect date: getting back to nature

Why it's written in the stars: Your earth child tendencies draw you to the natural world. And believe it or not, you don't mind getting a little dirty while you explore. Bringing your camera, binoculars, and a wine-and-cheese picnic along will make a day of it.
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Your perfect date: taking a class

Why it's written in the stars: You crave new projects, Libra. Even if this is the first and last time you try acrylic painting, you and your date will have plenty to talk about the rest of the evening. What better way to work your gift of the gab?
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Your perfect date: going to the theatre

Why it's written in the stars: Whether it's a modern dance performance, an off-off-West End play, or an avant-garde performance piece, you're there. You love the vicarious thrill that comes with live theatre and will delight in showing your date that side of you.
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Your perfect date: anything active

Why it's written in the stars: You're a sucker for an actividate, Sag. Go rock climbing, paintballing, or even fencing. Anything that's totally new to you and your date is on the table.
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Your perfect date: casual drinks

Why it's written in the stars: You're not one to reinvent the wheel, Cap. If you can't have a good time knocking back a few at a cosy bar, where can you have fun? Knowing you, you'll only want to meet up after work, so mix it up with a Sunday afternoon meet-up at the local pub.
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Your perfect date: touring a new museum exhibit

Why it's written in the stars: You love to be on the cutting edge, Aquarius, so you might as well take your date along with you. Soak up some culture at a modern art museum or expand your horizons at the planetarium.
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Your perfect date: people-watching at the park

Why it's written in the stars: Taking a walk in other people's shoes is second nature to you, Pisces, but you'll love to see others through your date's eyes, too. Spend the day making stories up about people you don't know — then keep the people-watching going over dinner.