Watch Alexa Chung Dance In This New Music Video

Alexa Chung has appeared in a few music videos in her time but it's been a while since she played the artist's muse. So take a look at the fab new video from Australia-born, New York-based musician Cameron Avery (you might know him as the current touring bassist for Tame Impala). The video for "Dance With Me", the new single from Avery's upcoming debut solo album Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams (out 10th March), sees longtime friends Avery and Chung dance dramatically around an empty warehouse after some sort of car crash. There are also some nice outfits, obv.
Avery says of the video: “There are two dreamscapes. The car wreck is kind of a metaphoric reality, where someone comes out of nowhere into your life and you're incapable of avoiding them. The dancing scene is a dreamscape depicting the act of throwing all of yourself in their way in the hope they might open their eyes and see you. And then you play it over in your head and realise it probably couldn't work anyway.”
Check out the video for some serious smooth moves.