These Are Our Top Reads Out In April

Spring is sprung, guys — as is the new batch of lit that's out this month. We're pretty psyched about April books, and to that end we've gathered nine titles that should get tacked onto your running must-read list.
What might those be? Well, for starters, there are some highly anticipated debuts you're going to want to track down in the weeks to come. Imagine Wanting Only This, by writer and illustrator Kristen Radtke, is a haunting meditation on landscapes and loss; while Oola, by Brittany Newell, is a modern romance perfectly suited to relationship politics in 2017. Then there's Sympathy, by first time novelist Olivia Sudjic, who officially has us freaked out about what happens when online relationships don't translate so well into real life. So when April showers pour outside, take it as a sign to settle in with some good reading material. Like a sturdy umbrella: We've got you covered.