Get Ready, Because Our 2018 Reading List Is Already Here

We know, we know. It's barely December, and we're about to dig into January books. But the thing is, what's coming your way in 2018 is so good that we literally could not wait. Why? For starters, the gals behind The Financial Diet will help you get the new year off to a new spending — and saving — fresh start with their guide for how to truly get good with money, which is always a good place to begin. Dropping mid-month, Leni Dumas' Red Clocks is the dystopian feminist novel for a new generation and a story that will rev you up to be part of the resistance. And then there's The Hazel Wood, the brilliantly spooky book about what happens when supernatural forces and pitch black fairytales cross the border into real life. (Seriously, we got shivers.)
There are more where those came from and we'll be adding a few in the weeks to come, too. Wondering what else we read this year? Take a look back at our top reading list picks from all of 2017 — on the literary front at least, it's been a terrific year.