London's Best (Last Minute) Valentine's Day Date Nights

Valentine's Day is just two days away and if you've not made plans, we can't really blame you. After all, you might have taken inspiration from Kim K and been busy sending valentines to a dozen of your closest frenemies. Or maybe you just don't find Wednesday the most romantic day of the week?
But come on London, Valentine's comes but once a year, and now that the UK is set to get extra chilly this week, maybe it's time to warm up our hearts instead? Whether you've just swiped right, are still trying to turn that Christmas party hookup into something more serious, or are just looking to do something a little extra with your SO, life's too short to Netflix and chill every single date night.
London is ranked the sixth best city in the world for dating and there are still plenty of spots to choose from if you've left your V Day plans a little late.
Click through to see our favourite date night spots that are perfect for last-minute Valentine's Day dates.