Exfoliators That Won't Irritate Your Skin

What was your first foray into exfoliation? Did it involve a tub of crushed-walnut scrub? We, too, once subscribed to the grit-is-good philosophy. But time has told us that sloughing off dead skin doesn't have to, and, for your skin's sake, shouldn't, be a rough experience. Exfoliation is vital to fresh, luminous skin — and luckily, products that facilitate the process have improved considerably over the years.
Perhaps it’s because, as The New York Times recently reported, “Companies large and small are racing to serve the growing number of adults with [sensitive] skin.” Whatever the impetus, today’s scrubs wouldn’t dare scratch your face or leave it feeling raw. We’re seeing smart resurfacing molecules that selectively erode only dead surface cells, sparing the healthy skin below, to give a glow sans side effects. Even home peels have gotten more considerate — delivering on promises not to irritate by offsetting acids with generous doses of hydrators and inflammation-quelling extracts. This new bevy of exfoliators are so gentle, they can be used daily (or every other day), without compromising on their effectiveness.
Read on as skin buffs weigh in on all that’s new in the realm of exfoliation.