Music Video Premiere: Hinds, Spain's Hottest Export

Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg
If you're not yet familiar with Hinds, then you need to immediately get on board with their perfectly crafted garage rock and crazed live shows. The four women, all in their early twenties, hail from Madrid and have already caused a stir (not to mention noise) in the male-dominated indie arena. Just this year has seen the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Leave Me Alone and a nomination for Best New Band at the NME Awards.

Having already put out such perfect anthems as "Garden" and "Bamboo", we are delighted to premiere Hinds' latest video for new single "Easy". Focusing on the self-destruction after a break up, each member of the band spirals into abuse and addiction throughout the two-and-a-half minute clip. Over to the girls:

""Easy" is about the worst moment in the universe during a relationship cause you love him but he doesn’t anymore. And being in bed with him is giving him nightmares. And you are the hangover in his mornings, and the homework during the day and the pain in his ass. So when you reach that point you can’t help but self destruct. There is just nothing you can do, it's too late to take it easy."
Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg
The quartet, who have been branded "the indie gang that everyone wants to join", have been vocal in sharing their experiences of being women in the music industry. They recently told Refinery29: "We started the band just because of music but suddenly it was an issue that we were girls... The first meeting we had with our manager, we wanted to pretend we were boys. For one year we were kind of lying, like pretending that was a subject we could avoid. Now we feel feminist."

Addictive music and feminism? Yes please. Enjoy their new video: