Instagram Beauty Update: Get Back Into Eyeshadow

The humble eyeshadow. Smashed, abandoned and all over our carpet, forever, is usually the fate of our eyeshadow collection. Which is rather silly when you consider how impactful a smudge of shadow can be. Far less complicated than a liquid eyeliner flick, and half the time of a mascara application, we'd like to put forward a case for the lids.

If shade and shimmer are selected correctly, you're looking at a fast and easy way to bring out the colour of your eyes and add some serious power to your look. Naturally, we've looked to the girls doing it best on the 'gram, and selected those trying some rather unexpected shades. From parma violet pastels to forest greens, here's how to update your make-up and give your eyes the spring awakening they're craving. Over to the 'gram.