Sittin' Pretty: The Products Our Bathroom Shelf Can't Live Without

While we make our beauty decisions based on the quality of a product, we have to admit we're suckers for beautiful packaging. From pastel hues and pleasing fonts to minimalist design, a product that looks as good in our bathroom as it does on our skin always draws us in.
While the brands with a cult following for their aesthetic accolades - think Aseop and Byredo - are always on our shopping list, lesser known and newer brands are serving innovative and sleek designs to sit pretty on our shelves. From candles that double up as future makeup brush holders and bath oils in bottles that look straight out of an apothecary, through to French pharmacy brands and soaps that come in the freshest colours, there's plenty out there to transform your bathroom.
Whether you're looking to add to your established interior design, or you're just in need of something to elevate your house share, we've rounded up our favourite products that look so good you'll never want to use them up.